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As an empath, psychic, and modern-day witch who is passionate about healing, mentoring, and teaching others how to fully utilize and develop their abilities to create an amazing life for themselves. There are a lot of people out there offering services that they have little to no experience (read a book or took a class yet apply it in their personal life) or those who give basic life advice based on what that would do.

Would you take parenting classes from someone who went to school or read a book about it but has no children? Would you take business advice from someone who never started or owns a business, no? You get what I'm saying.

Below is a small part of my journey and story. If you relate, I would consider that a sign you are in the right place.


I don't teach intuition and psychic development for shits and giggles or because some people think it’s cool. I teach intuition and psychic development for healing, protection and empowerment. This is a way of life for me, not a hobby.


I help Empaths go from feeling cursed to magically blessed with the help of the spiritual world so you can live the life you were destined to live without fear.


Below is part of my story and background.

I never felt like I fit in this world.


I used to be the quiet, shy, people-pleasing person who always gave more than I took or received. I was easily swayed to put myself last for others as I felt bad or selfish for saying no and struggled to establish a boundary. I always felt like something was wrong with me or I wasn't good enough.

Due to that, I developed co-dependency issues, not only attracting but falling in love with narcissists my entire life. It wasn't till someone I knew and trusted raped me as I was breaking the trauma bonds with a narcissist that I cracked reaching my breaking point of severe depression, excessive drinking, and suicidal thoughts. 

That is when I realized my entire life I never knew who I was, but always the person everyone wanted me to be. I had no idea of my value, power, and worth. I was on a mission to heal, transform my life, and become the best possible version of myself for my daughter so she would never experience what I did or repeat my life patterns.

I decided the quiet and naive girl had to be put to death so the new one could be born. I had to embody my true authentic self (higher self )and shatter the box I was in my entire life afraid to come out of. I ripped out all my old worldly programming and installed something new with the help of the spirit world, that was in alignment with my beliefs and values that shattered the basic empath stereotype (shy, weak, and sensitive introvert with no backbone).

You are not here to conform to society's standards but to discover your light and how to authentically shine that in a world that is not so authentic and kind. You are here to discover who you are and embody that person so you can help not only

others, but future generations.


This section here, I could write a lengthy book on this consisting of over 25 years of experience, but for the sake of a quick read, here goes.

I was raised an Atheist by a single mom, who most of my life worked the night shift. I was told there is no life after death, God doesn't exist, psychics are scam artists, and anyone who burns incense, collects crystals, or plays with cards is “weird”. But something about that just didn't resonate with me. I knew there was more and had not a clue what that was or where to find it.

It wasn't till I was 10 years old I was sat down on my bed and told my father was gay and dying of AIDS, and that he wanted to get to know me and my brother before he died. I was put on a plane and flew from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to San Diego, California. And THAT is when I was introduced to a different way of life. One that felt like home, but to the rest of the world was bat shit crazy.

My Dad would go get Reiki sessions done with crystals placed on his body, he would tell me how he leaves his body at night and travels the stars. He would tell me how death is not the end, but the beginning. We talked about everything and anything. He had answers to my deep life questions and a major impact on how I viewed life in the three short years I got to know him.

But it wasn't till I was 17 that I was faced with a very difficult adult decision with an unplanned pregnancy. I became that emancipated student who didn't live at home with no way to support herself, let alone a child. I so desperately wanted to connect with my Dad on the other side for answers and just to feel loved and not so alone.

I spent a lot of time reading books on tarot cards in secret for answers to serious adult decisions. I loved watching all the psychic and medium shows, reading my daily horoscope, etc, but never really put much stock into it. I thought all that was for “gifted” people

and I was not one of them.

Fast forward a few years, I found Jesus and was “saved” on January 2, 2000. But everything I was told in the church still didn't give me the answers and no matter how much good I did, I would always be a “sinner”.

From that point on a lot of crazy ass experiences happened. Everything from seeing ghosts, ET’s, having premonitions, receiving downloads of information, signs and synrocities everywhere, etc. I had no clue what was going on, what it meant, or what to do with it all.

So I went to the only “spiritual” person I knew, my Pastor. I was told what I'm experiencing is nothing of God and that I needed an exorcism. Ok, fuck this place, Im done being made to feel like a walking fuck up no matter how good or pure my heart was.

It's time to invent my own personal religion between myself and my creator. So off I went with my Dad as my guide on the other side for the next 25+ years putting the pieces together and navigating how life's puzzle changed and unraveled for me.


First, let's start off with “What is a witch”?  For me, it's just a woman who knows her power, value, and worth and has no problem facing her fears. It's a woman who is confident to her core and not afraid to embrace the good and bad within her. She knows exactly what she wants and has no problem using her gifts within professional and ethical rules to get it.

She is a mover, shaker, and action-taker who is in complete and total control of her gifts and life. She is the ultimate creator. She is a B.I.T.C.H. (Broad In Total Control of Herself).

I did not embody that part of myself till I was in my 40’s trying to heal after another relationship with a narcissist and the rape. This was my lowest of lows and I realized I was attracting and creating all this pain and chaos in my life through the law of attraction. It was an internal vibration I had no clue was going on within me. I was great at helping others, but when it came to my own life, I was a hot mess. 

Once I fully embodied and accepted who I was without fear, combined with my intuitive and psychic abilities, my life was magically transformed into things I only dreamed of, but never thought were possible in the past. (I could write another book on this)

I achieved my dream life of health, love, and finances through spell casting and directing my energy to receive through the law of attraction. Not a damn thing to do with religion or Voodo Hollywood stuff.

So that is my story in a basic nutshell. I like to help others shatter their own glass ceiling, connect with their gifts, and use them to create an amazing life, BS-free for themselves and others.

My mission is to help empaths rise like a phoenix from the ashes and live their life purpose.

If you resonated or vibed with any of my stories, check out some of my freebies and training options. Sending you so much love on your awakening journey.



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