If you are going through spiritual development you talk to yourself and ask a lot of questions. But do you know who is answering you? Is it your intuition or higher self, it it a spirit guide or your own ego? This short video will explain the differences between them.

Let me start off and tell you that we all have spirit guides, but this video isn’t about spirit guides, it’s about knowing who is answering your questions your asking.

I does take practice to know the difference, but this video should clear it up really fast.

A basic overview:

The Higher Self

  • Sounds like you because it is you.
  • Comes in at random times.
  • Claiming and peaceful.

Spirit Guides

  • Does not sound like you because it’s not.
  • Can come in at random times, but you have to ask.
  • Will give you a clue it’s them around you.
  • Also loving and encouraging

The Ego

  • Comes in at random times.
  • Its harsh, negative and discouraging.
  • Uses logic and reason to control and dilute the intuition.