What to expect after an abusive relationship? A lot of mental and emotional torture along with questioning if you’re crazy! You will question everything about yourself and life, you will have trust issues and you will NEVER be the same. Mental and emotional abuse will change you! But I swear you can and will come out bigger, better and stronger than ever if you channel your healing journey the right way.

If you can think of your brain like a computer. Your soul was designed by you with specific programing, then the outside world happened. The way you were raised, family, friends, mentors, social media and then the narcissist, they all have influences on the way you think and process things leading you away from your true self, the person you were born to be.

This video I will share what to expect to let you know your not crazy along with a few things you can do to help unscramble the confusion and pain so you can finally discover and step into your greatness.

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