What is a super empath? Basically an empath who has mastered emotional intelligence and does not allow outside people, places and circumstances to dictate their emotional guidance system. It doesn’t matter what life throws at them, they still stay true to themselves managing their energy pretty much always in alignment with themselves.

The super empaths is usually born out of going through some sort of trauma and healing from in on a very deep and energetic soul level. Think of it like discovering who the fuck you are on a soul level and living that life regardless of what society says or thinks.

Im going to give you a list of traits a super empath has to see if you would match ALL OF THEM or at least on the road to mastering them, cause we all ain’t perfect… its a journey. A super empath will not always 24/7 be in this state, but they quickly can catch when they are out of alignment and know how to bounce back quickly from emotional crap.

Enjoy the video.


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