Feeling like your going crazy is part of the spiritual awakening process. You will question everything, everyone, feel disconnected from yourself and alone. Im going to share with you some signs that you are not crazy at all, quite sane, but just going through the awakening process.

If you don’t have a support system, or awakened friends, they may think something is wrong with you, tell you your crazy or need help. And the fact is that you do need help, help from someone who is awakened to guide you through the process of shedding away the old worldly masks, limitations and labels so you can step into your soul, the true you. Be the person you were born to be living the kind of live in alignment with you were destined to in all forms of abundance. But getting there can be f**ked up, confusing and flat out painful. It’s an emotional and mental battle. of releasing worldly parts or programming from our parents or toxic/ abusive relationships to finally step into a space of experiencing true happiness.

Enjoy the video below.

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