Trying to find happiness after narcissistic abuse? Waiting or wishing for something to happen or change?  Then you are setting yourself up for more heartache and pain.  You have to create it, you have to go get it all on your own.  I know that sucks, but you will come out bigger and stronger than ever by learning how to be your own BFF, therapist, lover, etc.

Think of it this way, if you are putting your happiness on someone or something else that creates stress and brings unwanted baggage into something new that is supposed to be fulfilling, would you want to put that weight on someone else? Yea, you can move, find a new job, etc, but the joy that brings will be short lived because it’s not true at the core.

Happiness starts and is created all within yourself.

Im going to give you three steps to heal and create the kind of life you love full of abundance all on your own, those raising your confidence and independence going forward with your new narcissist free future.

Enjoy the video below.



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