If you have ever fallen in love with one, you know surviving narcissistic abuse isn’t easy. It’s the fight of your life for an empath.

The mental, emotional, financial, etc and possibly physical abuse can really take a toll on your sanity. You will question your own thoughts and become used to the severe highs and lows like an addict trying to break the cycles of what was programmed to be your normal way of life.

In this video I discuss:

1) If you were discarded (dumped)

2) Why you were targeted. (Believe me you were picked for a reason)

3) If you are stuck thinking you can help or save them.

4) Dealing with the smear campaign. (The shit talk and lies they tell everyone about you)

5) How to break the trauma bonds. (Addiction and pain inflicted on you)

6) Understanding how you will never be the same. (How to use that to your advantage)

7) The new “supply” or lover. (Is actually the next victim)

8) Getting professional help. (Cause that shit will f**k you up)

This will help you wrap your head around what is really going on and how you can move forward better and stronger than ever forever repelling parasites with this personality disorder. This was a video I did in a private Facebook group that seemed to help thousands. Since it was in a private group and not part of my public YouTube channel, I decided to cut out the comments (names of those to protect their privacy) and share for anyone else who needs to hear this trying to recover and reclaim their life.

This is why I teach intuition and psychic development, when the physical world just aint cutting it, you feel weak and broken down, learn how toy work with your spirit guides to help you in this journey of life’s shit cycles.


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