Psychic Mentor – Private One on One Mentoring session


If you would like a private mentor who offers, one on one psychic, intuitive or spiritual development, this would be for you.  The fee covers a total of (1) 1 hour zoom call tailored for your personal developmental needs.

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Looking for a psychic mentor? Are you wanting personal one on one attention to open your natural-born intuitive and psychic gifts, but struggling to connect with spirit or have not a clue where to start or what to expect… then this would be the listing for you.

** This 60-minute scheduled “zoom” (The platform I use for video/ face to face clients) session is great for those who:

Want to discover their gifts on a deeply intimate and personal level.

Feel overwhelmed with all the different tools or avenues to study.

Want to understand when your getting a message or download and how to decode it into something that makes sense for you.

Want to learn how to open up all your senses including your third eye, or just want an hour in depth reading.

We will go over your gifts, access what it is you are trying to develop and why along with a personal step by step training outline for you to practice at home.  Some topics or “tools” (depending on what you want to learn) would be meditation, card reading, feeling and reading energy, shielding and protecting your energy, mediumship, decoding and understanding your messages and a shit tone of hand-holding exercises.

You will walk away from this session with a full scope of understanding your gifts, an outlined game plan filled with specific exercise’s and even how to use certain “tools” to help you get to the level you desire.

** Once you purchase the listing, open your emailed purchase receipt and click on the calendar to schedule your private session.