Karmic Reading – The life lesson cycle you are in


Feel like the same crappy cycles keep happening and you want it to stop? A Karmic reading combines your astrology chart with card reading to reveal what life lesson/ cycle you are in. Once you know the lesson you shift the energy into empowerment/ healing/ growth vs shit cycles.

  • I will need your DOB along with your birth city and state and gender along with your full birth name

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Im currently not taking appointments for readings so I can have the time to create new content to help on your spiritual, intuitive and psychic development journey.

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A Karmic reading will uncover and make sense of those times in your life when nothing is going right in a repetitive shit cycle. Uncover “Why does this keep happening and how can I change it?”  As we go through life we experience certain life lessons, when you’re not “getting it” or “completing” the lesson, it continues to repeat. This reading will help shift and end the cycle.

** During the checkout process, you have a field where I need you to type:

  1. DOB – (Month/ Day/ Year) format
  2. City and state you were born in
  3. Your gender – Born (Male or Female)
  4. Full birth name

** See attached image showing where I need the above information.

**NOTE: This is NOT a private scheduled reading where we talk on the phone, this is me doing your reading, recording what I get, then I email you the results.