Card Reading Party – Online or in person (5 person min)


Host a virtual or local Angel party – Private 15 min readings per person from the comfort of your own home.

This listing is for those who are not local to Judi and want to host a card reading party with her.  The listing covers the cost of 5 people which is the minimum to have a party.

Read below for more info.

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Im currently not taking appointments for readings so I can have the time to create new content to help on your spiritual, intuitive and psychic development journey.

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Psychic party – Online or in person card reading party right from your own home. If you are not local to Judi in the Bucks County area can also purchase this listing to set up an in-person party if you like.


** 5 person min (the cost of this listing is the minimum to secure your party) Just ask your friends to reimburse you their $25 spot.  Refunds will not be given in a friend backs out and you now have less than 5 people.

** As a host if you get 10 people, not including yourself, you are FREE.

** Max is about 12 people, each person after the five required (that you prepaid), can pay via cc or pay pal me during their live reading. You do not need to collect for everyone.

**After purchase you will be contacted via phone to set up a date, start time and discuss the specifics of your event.

** All that is required of you is any electronic device with a strong internet connection (Preferably computer vs phone) and a video camera and mic so we can see and hear each other. You would want the device in a private area where no one else can listen in on your reading, like in an office or bedroom. You will be in charge of sending the next person in the private space to sit with me once the reading is done with the current person at that time.