For an empath to learn how to master your emotions can be a challenge because we are a never-ending overflowing fountain of them. We are deep in every aspect of the word.

Until you learn how to master them like a mental ninja, be prepared for a hot mess rollercoaster life filled with severe highs and severe lows…. it just comes with being an empath…. unless you know how to read and decode the meaning or message behind your emotions.

When I teach intuition and psychic development I always make sure to start with decoding yourself so you can decode outside energy. Otherwise, you become all meshed and tangled up in emotional turmoil and shit.

In this video I’m going to show you, as an empath who dealt with trauma and PTSD, how to understand, decode, manage and flip the negative into life-changing messages to not only heal but empower your life. Enjoy.

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