If you are in a space of pain, confusion, fear, etc and you cant seem to find a way out of it, let me share a short story how I transmuted hard core shit energy of narcissistic abuse, domestic violence and rape into power.

When you are working with or wanting to work with “spirit” to transform your life into the most amazing abundance filled journey of expansion and growth its important to learn how to read your own energy.

In this weeks video I share with you the last few months of my personal and very private life, why I do what I do for a living and how to use trauma as rocketfuel to personal empoweremnt and happiness.

Enjoy the video below.

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2) How to protect your energy: https://judithepsychic.com/energy-protection-optin

3) Card spreads for a badass life: https://judithepsychic.com/card-spreads-for-a-badass-life

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