Trying to reinvent your life after narcissistic abuse isn’t easy. It literally is the fight of your life to come back to life, it feels like death to your soul. A key ingredient in healing is to remember who you are and even discovering who you are. You will never be the same once you have come to terms with the reality of all the lies, manipulation gaslighting you endured. You will forever be on guard and question all new people who come into your life.

They key to healing, releasing fears and reinventing your life all revolves around the stories and things you tell yourself in your head.

Im going to share with you some mindset shifts that worked wonders for me in my healing journey. Can you really do this? Am I being selfish? What if I fail? What will others think of me, etc? It’s scary I know, but you can get through it and come out more alive than ever.

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