Questioning if you’re in a toxic relationship? What even is that?

A quick indicator, if you are googling his behavior, you are probably in one. There is a difference between a toxic and abusive relationship. Im going to share with you some of the differences in this short video.

Something to be aware of, society will tell you if you are getting physically hit, its abuse, but they don’t teach you that there is such a thing as mental and emotional abuse that will leave permanent damage. Yes, mental and emotional abuse over time will change the chemical makeup in your brain and its the fight of your life to rewire yourself back together. You will never be the same, it changes you for life, but you can come out bigger and better than ever if you heal it correctly.

So let’s dive in and see if you are in a potentially bad situation, the beginning states or even locked into a dangerous narcissist.

Enjoy the video below.

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