The dangers of a psychic love reading and what to look out for.

With it being February and Valentine’s day a few days ago, I read so many people regarding their love life and my heart broke due to the vibe so many people were feeling.

They all had the same two questions.

  1. What is his/ her name or initials?
  2. When will I meed him/ her?

Now, for someone getting a reading they don’t know those are dangerous questions to ask, hopefully, whoever reads you, knows enough how to properly answer them without derailing your love life.

In this week’s short video lesson I share with you what to look out for when asking those questions and how a psychic can give you the power to invite more pain into your life by answering them.

I also go over and explain how to take your power based on what a psychic tells you and take inspired action to draw in the love you desire.


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