Using cards to develop mediumship abilities

Using cards to develop mediumship is actually pretty easy. In the below short video, I will give you two ways to use cards to connect with your loved ones and start to develop and enhanse your natural gifts.

Its not as hard as you may think, just requires a little practice and an open mind.


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Are tarot cards evil?

Are tarot cards evil?  There are so many taboos and misconceptions about tarot or any type of card reading. Coming from being ex “born again baptist” (me) I will share with you my viewpoint on them, and let you make your decision.

I think it boils down to two things.

  1. Your intent, mindset or belief system.
  2. Who created the cards and for what purpose, or the energy they carry from the manufacturer.

Ask yourself, “Is the internet safe” or “Is your neighborhood safe”?  I believe you can take anything good and twist it into something evil, it all depends on what your belief system is and why you would want to use them.

May sound a little silly, but watch the video and you will see what I’m talking about.


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Manifest anything fast in three simple steps

If you don’t know my story, I manifested a studio to work out of for my other business, a house, a Harley, my Twin flame, a new car and sooooo much more.  And I did most of all that above in less than 6 months.  Crazy, I know.

Manifesting is real and it does work, I’m living proof of it.  Not going to lie, it does take practice and a certain mindset or skillset on our part.  If someone tells you they have a “magic pill”… they are full of shit.  Although, that magic pill is inside you, just a matter of being able to swallow it.

If you would like to learn what I personally do and my secret tool I use, just want the quick video below.


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Tarot reading for beginners basic crash course

Tarot reading for beginners is not as hard as you may think.  Yes, there are 78 cards with two meanings if you use reverse cards, but you don’t have to make it difficult and it’s not as difficult as you may think.

In this week’s short video lesson I’m going to go over and show you the basic structure to follow with tarot. Also with a few basic things to memorize or just remember to give you clues as to what the cards mean and how to interpret them.

Nothing scary, witchy or woo here.  I use tarot in my daily life for keys, clues, insight, and direction in every area of my life.  It has lead me to an amazing life full of abundance in every way.

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Enjoy the video

P.S. – Get a pen and paper, you will need it.

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Negative Tarot Reading – Three things to look for

If you get a negative tarot reading, don’t freak out.  It’s normal and in fact, to be expected once in a while.  Life happens and sometimes life isn’t always a box of chocolates, right?

If you do readings for others or yourself and get negative cards, don’t sweat it, nor focus on the negative.  Think of it as a blessing in disguise to help prepare and even course correct.

Here are my top three tips on how to handle a negative reading. It will change the way you view the negative cards and red flag type messages.

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